Friday, 4 March 2022

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New York is not only the most famous city in the world but also, arguably, the best for tourists, thanks to its diverse culture and myriad of entertainment options. There’s never a dull day in the city that doesn’t sleep.

New York City offers visitors endless possibilities, great diversity, and high energy. The city has always been the crème de la crème for first-rate dining, cultural activity, and unparalleled shopping. For tourists, it’s an amazing city and, at times, slightly intimidating which is why many visitors enjoy visiting by cruise ship.

One of the most exciting ways to visit New York City is aboard a spectacular cruise ship. Check out the following reasons why New York should be right at the top of your city trip shortlist.

Bring This $3 Guidebook: Moon New York City (Travel Guide)

Even if you don’t arrive by cruise ship, it’s important to get out on the water. We recommend either the Official NYC Architecture Cruise or The Beast Speedboat tour. These are two of the best ways to see NYC from the water!


You might think you know big cities, but unless you’ve been to New York, you’ve never really experienced what a truly gigantic metropolis looks like. Sure, there are larger cities in the world, but nowhere has that unique combination of sheer size and verticality.

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